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Verb: To put (things) in a neat, attractive, or required order. The RaceDots Arranger keeps your 'dots where you want them. It makes using RaceDots a breeze, even on the tightest of skin suits. Made of hypo-allergenic silicone, the 'ranger has a soft, stretchy and grippy feel. A matrix of pockets accept the ring magnets where needed and allow the user to quickly position their bib either while wearing a garment or laid out before wearing. It is designed to be worn just under your jersey or shirt, flat against the skin or base layer with magnet pockets facing out. Holes in the pockets allow the dimpled base of the top RaceDot to interlock and hold your bib in place.

One size to fit bibs from around the globe. 215mm x 195mm x 1mm (5mm pocket height) Weight: 44g